64bit EasyABC for the Mac

EasyABC for the Mac - Experimental 64-bit builds

Here you can find experimental 64 bit builds of the latest version of EasyABC and some related material. These builds should work under Macos 10.15 (Catelina) and earlier, and on most Macs sold in the last 10 years or so.


Download the most recent disk image ('.dmg') file. Open it (probably by double-clicking it) and copy everything in it to your Macintosh desktop.

If you now just double-click the EasyABC icon you will get a message saying '"EasyABC" cannot be opened becasue the developer cannot be verified'. Instead, right-click on the icon and choose 'Open'. You will get a similar message asking if you are sure you want to open it. Providing that you trust me not to activly or accidentally do something bad to your computer you should be able to run EasyABC by clicking the 'Open' button. In future you should be able to run this copy of EasyABC by just double-clicking it.

Sometimes EasyABC will try to use components from earlier versions of EasyABC that are also installed on your computer. This will prevent music being displayed or played. To fix this, once EasyABC is running click on the 'Settings' menu and choose 'ABC Settings' and then the 'File Settings' tab. Delete all the text in all the text boxes, click on 'Restore settings', and click on 'Ok'. This should set things up correctly.

Reporting problems

These builds are experimental (did I mention that already?). They were made on Macos 10.14 and they work there and at least start under Macos 10.15, but we don't yet know how well they work there since quite a lot has changed in the new release. If they work for you under 10.15 then please let me know. If they don't, please tell me how they fail. You can contact me either by emailing jon.warbrick@googlemail.com or adding an entry to ticket 23 on SourceForge, or creating an issue to my EasyABC GitHub repository.

If EasyABC at least starts but then goes wrong it would be realy useful if you could include the messages that appear in the Internals/Messages window (click on the 'Internals' menu and choose 'Messages'; select all the text in the box that appears by dragging the cusror through it with the mouse button down, from the 'Edit' menu choose 'Copy' and then paste this text into your web browser or email program).

Known problems

All known problems are listed in ticket 23 on SourceForge and/or as issues in my EasyABC GitHub repository.

Current serious issues include:

There are bound to be other problems. When you find them please let me know by emailing jon.warbrick@googlemail.com, by adding to ticket 23 on SourceForge or creating an issue to my EasyABC GitHub repository.

Jon Warbrick