Tunebook ABC - Second Edition

This site contains a transcription into ABC notation of the second edition of the tunes used by Tuneworks in the workshops and sessions that they run at various UK folk festivals. While versions of most of these tunes are already available on sites like The Session, the ones here are intended to be note-for-note identical to the versions published in the Tuneworks Tunebook (2nd ed).

A transcription of the tunes in the first edition of the Tunebook is also available.

ABC Files

Other formats

This site also contains the results of processing the ABC files into various other formats:


The transcription is bound to contain mistakes, defined as (almost) anything that isn't the same as it is in the Tuneworks Tunebook (ignoring minor stylistic differences and the differences listed below). Likewise, the various derived formats are unlikely to be error free even if the ABC transcriptions are correct. Please report any mistakes that you find, either by creating a GitHub issue or (better) a pull request, or (if that doesn't mean anything to you) by emailing Jon Warbrick jon.warbrick@googlemail.com.

The following differences from Tuneworks Tunebook are expected:


Travellers' Joy is © Squeezer Music and is included in this collection by kind permission of Janet May. Flatwater Fran is © Phil Cunningham and is included by kind permission of Phil Cunningham.

This work was inspired by Paul Hardy's Tunebooks and his tunebook process page informed the initial processing pipeline. John Hinton of John Hinton Music and Graham Louth provided much-needed music theory advice. Vince Hodgson of Tuneworks kindly provided an ABC export from the master copy of the second edition Tunebook.

The master copies of these tunes, along with the tools used to produce everything else, can be found on GitHub at https://github.com/jw35/tunebook-abc.

This transcription and the subsequent processing (but not the music itself) is the work of Jon Warbrick jon.warbrick@googlemail.com and is © Jon Warbrick 2019-2023. The transcribed ABC files and the various other files on this site are licensed under a Creative Commons 'Attribution ShareAlike' licence. This means you can "remix, tweak, and build upon" this work even for commercial purposes, as long as you credit Jon Warbrick and Tuneworks and license your new creations under the identical terms. Except where indicated, the licencing status of the tunes themselves and of their arrangements is unclear.